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Black Friday and Employee Recruitment

Job Post photo from ShutterstockAll employees want to recruit the best candidate and often, small business owners complain that they cannot convince talented candidates to work for them. Well, as a small business owner, did you ever think of applying Black Friday to your recruitment? If you are asking how you are going to do this, here is how.

If you ever looked at Black Friday offers carefully, you can see that all of them have a value proposition. Some of them are limited quantity or for a limited time and others have a special discount that make everyone think that it is not an everyday price. As a result, people hurry up and run to the store to buy their desired items.

Now, let’s look at your company’s recruiting in terms of Black Friday. Do your job ads have a value proposition? Does it make the majority of job seekers open your job post and then, apply? If yes, that is great. Then, your company is a desired company and your recruitment department is doing its job right. If not, you should reevaluate your job posts and the message they are communicating to the job seekers.

Talented candidates constantly look for new knowledge, skills and experience. That is why they generally look for another job. If you want to attract these candidates, you should market your job posts like you are marketing a Black Friday offer. First, you can start by giving a name to your recruitment initiative such as Management Trainee Program, Fast Track Management Program or College Hiring Program for new graduates. This will help you establish a brand for your recruitment effort. Then, try to focus on the advancement theme on your job posts. Don’t forget that everybody has a career dream and as an employer, you should help fulfill that dream.  Otherwise, talented hires look for other employees which will help them fulfill their dreams.

Finally, promote your job posts wisely. Try to get inside information about where your desired candidates look for job posts. You don’t need to post your job openings in all of the job sites. The important point is choosing the ones that will bring you the candidates you want. Also, run an employee referral program. Encourage your employees to refer candidates for job openings. In addition, you can advertise your job openings for internal hiring as well. It is always easier to train an internal employee for a new job compared to someone completely new to the company.