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Certain brands hold a cherished spot in our memories, yet landing someone’s dream job doesn’t automatically guarantee they’re the right match for your team.

In a recent episode of the Employer Branding Podcast, we delve into the world of Andrew Paterson, the Global Employer Brand and Talent Attraction Lead at the LEGO Group. Discover how they tackle this distinctive talent puzzle while infusing a spirit of joy and play into their recruitment strategy.

The Power of Play

The LEGO Group, a venerable 90-year-old family enterprise, has blossomed into the world’s top toy company by revenue. Its name, derived from the Danish phrase “leg godt,” translates to “play well.” Almost everyone has fond memories of tinkering with their vibrant plastic bricks.

While other iconic brands like PepsiCo or Mars grapple with luring talent for unconventional roles, Paterson faces a unique scenario. LEGO is inundated with applications for every position they offer. “The majority, if not all of our time is spent managing applications,” Paterson notes. “Because of the power of our brand, everyone wants to be a LEGO designer.” Thus, the challenge lies in pinpointing the best candidates while ensuring those who miss out still leave with a positive experience, remaining lifelong aficionados.

Fostering an Employer Branding Oasis

LEGO’s employer branding and talent attraction endeavors have yielded remarkable results, with a 45% team expansion since 2020. However, achieving such growth necessitated substantial effort from Paterson and his lean team.

With a global footprint encompassing 5 main regional hubs, 37 sales offices, 5 manufacturing sites, and over 500 retail stores, LEGO needed to showcase employee narratives from diverse locales and roles. Amidst this, they revamped their careers page and launched “Behind the Bricks,” a content hub consolidating all employer brand content.

The EVP Epiphany

To craft their Employee Value Proposition (EVP), Paterson and his team conducted colleague research groups and collaborated with an agency to gauge applicant insights and employer brand perception. This led to the identification of six core LEGO values: fun, creativity, learning, caring, quality, and imagination.

These values permeate every facet of LEGO’s operations, from factory floor diligence to the intricacies of employer branding. An annual tradition dubbed Play Day underscores this ethos, where employees worldwide pause work to immerse in the joy of learning through play. This year’s theme, “The Mysteries of Play,” fostered a day of collaborative detective work. Moreover, LEGO integrates play into daily tasks, with bricks and communal builds adorning every office.

Culminating these principles, Paterson and his team coined their EVP: “Imagine building your dream career.” It perfectly encapsulates LEGO’s essence, promising not just a job but an adventure brimming with fun.

To stay updated on Andrew Paterson’s employer branding insights, connect with him on LinkedIn. For assistance in sculpting your company’s values and culture, reach out for guidance.

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