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Have you ever been in meetings where someone backs away by essentially saying ‘that’s not my job’ although it is? Taking responsibility for areas related to your job is essential for maintaining credibility. At the very least, offer to make an introduction to the person in charge. When you wish to advance your career or your business, owning up to responsibility and being inspired to learn is what separates the successful from the rest of the crowd.

Negotiation is a large part of leading successful meetings. Receive everyone’s perspective to find a meeting of the minds. Although at first glance we may disagree with insight, upon further conversation and investigation, new appreciation along with an agreed upon conclusion for the better solution will arise.

By encouraging the give and take of conversation, the better ideas emerge for implementing solutions. And out of all the competitive vendors out there, this approach will serve to build credibility that gives the leading edge. And as far as job interviews go, developing a give and take in the conversation with the hiring manager will see similar results as opposed to those who just sit and answer questions. In either case, you end the meeting with integrity and most often on the road to getting the sale.

It’s possible at some point so much pressure was put on you to make a sale, that you transported the pressure to your prospective client. If this were the case once upon a time, consider the results. Most likely the ending wasn’t a happy one.

Take time to review sales that were lost. Was the loss due to: * Were you pushing too hard to get the sale? * Did you try to gain perspectives of all the people involved in the decision? * Was an attempt made to try to get to know the people on a professionally personal level?

Now think back to your better conversations that led to eventual sales.

  • What were the elements that worked so well and how may it be duplicated time and again?
  • Recall your favorite clients and what you may have in common.
  • Are there clues you might seek out in the future for how to develop more inspiring conversations?

By gaining an understanding of what motivates your prospective clients, they will become motivated to do business with you. Best of all they will be an admirer of your personal brand.

Sales Tips

  1. Listen more than talk.
  2. Ask for insight into the reasoning used.
  3. Ask for clarification on anything you do not understand.
  4. Find out how the person chose their career path and what they hope to accomplish.
  5. Share why you are in your field and what you enjoy most.
  6. Exchange experiences as they relate to the conversation.
  7. Gain added insight for ideas that are new to you.
  8. Lead the conversation from the current problems faced and how solutions are seen.
  9. Add to the ideas for solving the issues.
  10. Celebrate Success!