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businessman-607834_640The question arose whether a Hiring Manager should select extroverted or introverted salespeople who interview. There isn’t a definitive answer to the question, because it’s the wrong question to be asked. There are far better indicators that will reveal the potential each candidate may bring to the company.


Before any interview takes place, it is best for the Hiring Manager to recognize the interview itself is a sale. The Manager is the client and the candidate is the salesperson. Observation of candidate behaviors will provide great indication of how the person will perform if hired.


A smart candidate will greet everyone with a smile and friendly hello. The person will thank the Manager for taking the time to see them during the introduction, and will say something nice about the office.

Leadership Qualities

The better salespeople ask questions first before they ever begin speaking. A great conversation starter is to ask, “You must receive so many resumes, what caught your interest on mine to invite me in today?” This type of question indicates the candidate is willing to take the lead on sales calls and knows how to get to the direct path of conversation. Conducting conversations in this manner will eliminate many objections.

It will be evident that the better applicant did much research ahead of the meeting as the conversation develops. This is an excellent indicator the applicant is a goal setter and high achiever leaving no stone unturned.

Being an introvert or extrovert does not matter compared to whether listening followed by asking intelligent questions is the natural instinct of the candidate. In the Q&A conversation, another indicator is honesty. Does the applicant indicate the unknown and a need to know more? This is an essential quality that Hiring Managers should seek out.


During the conversation, the sales applicant should be very comfortable sharing stories to find elements of commonality. The stories should be engaging, factual, and to the point of the questions asked. A great indicator of whether to hire the person is would you welcome a return conversation.


Most salespeople do not follow-up with clientele. The person loses their nerve and makes excuses for not making one more call. This is a major reason that sales fail to materialize. Accordingly, review which applicant being considered actually asked for a return appointment prior to leaving the office. Did they send a thank you note after the fact and again indicate interest? All of this gives indication to the person motivated and goal driven.


Many salespeople are fearful of both negotiation and asking for business.

  • Did the candidate indicate a desire to work at the company?
  • Did they ask how training and the job will unfold should they be hired?
  • Did they ask for next steps?
  • When the salary was revealed, did the applicant automatically step out of their comfort zone to ask for more providing a reasonable story behind the expectation?

It’s evident from all of the above, that when the Hiring Manager treats the interview process as a sales call, indicators of the applicant’s sales capability will be very apparent as will their personal brand. Introvert or extrovert traits do not matter nearly as much. Just like negotiation of a meeting of the minds, the balanced ego and combination of extrovert-introvert will produce the salesperson better positioned to do well.

In the end, all parties will encounter the Smooth Sale! (